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CCF Victoria

Integrating a total end-to-end digital marketing system.

How we helped CCF Victoria revolutionise their digital marketing strategy.

Client:Civil Contractors Federation Victoria

Sector:Membership & Training

  • What we did:
  • Digital Consultancy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Development
  • eCommerce
  • Membership management
  • Dynamics CRM Integration
  • VETrak/VETenrol Integration

We were engaged by CCF Victoria to assist them with revolutionising their digital marketing strategy, helping them to combine a number of marketing tools into an automated marketing system.

The project involved providing a new UX/UI design whilst restructuring the site architecture to support new marketing initiatives, including:

  • integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • integration with VETtrak/VETenrol course enrolment software
  • a new event calendar system for promoting and purchasing event tickets
  • an ecommerce solution for selling digital products

The site needed to provide a directory of all CCF members and an online store that return different price points and availability level for members and non-member site users.

In addition the core build of the site theme was to be used to support an additional company site – Careers In Civil

Following an initial discovery workshop a functionality specification was created along with an information architecture map and UX wireframes for the various sections of the site. It was determined that the CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365) would power the company membership directory.

Connecting the CRM

A custom plugin was built to create a two way connection between the website and the CRM. Membership applications and payments are submitted via forms on the website, however once completed this data is sent to the CRM to create a new member entry – any ongoing portal access and payments are then controlled by the CRM and it’s integrated marketing tools.

To ensure the directory on the site stays up-to-date and accurate the CRM is automatically scraped to return member data for display. Any changes to membership information are managed through a customer interface on the CRM with all changes being displayed on the live site.

The Site Infrastructure

The website was built on WordPress using WooCommerce to power the online store and take payments for events. The event calendar was created as a custom function, supported by a form tool that was integrated with Woocommerce. This enables CCF editors to create new events with custom forms and pricing models for data collection and registration. The payment can be processed through the existing ecommerce solution, eliminating the need for an additional checkout process.

Custom member checkout

Membership to CCF is controlled at the company level, so each company is issued a membership number. When purchasing event tickets or digital products on the site the checkout process was modified to add a field for this membership number. Once this field is updated the CRM is pinged and the membership number checked against an active membership. If the member is active the company details then auto-populate the checkout fields and the pricing is updated to reflect their member discount. Once any online purchases are completed this information is sent to the CRM, so CCF have a comprehensive record of all events attended and purchases made by the member company and the employees who made the purchases.

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