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Bringing big style to little feet

Building a new online experience for a global rebrand.

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As a growing global brand, Oldsoles were in the process of reinventing their identity when they engaged us to help them relaunch their website to provide a more visual experience.  Looking to highlight the many unique features of their shoes, promote their global retail partners, and provide a private portal where retail partners could access seasonal products and download images and resources for their own marketing purposes.

The website’s UX/UI was heavily influenced by the new brand direction which was big and bold, many of the design features were created to best highlight the products and provide a platform to visually promote them. To enable each page to look unique, a flexible content builder was created allowing editors to select from a variety of functions to create a page layout.

The store locator was built using geolocation, and the retail portal was built to enable partners to register to view and download over 7000 product images. This portal was uniquely configured to take into consideration the global location of each partner, so that only seasonal collections are promoted in each location, ensuring that partners can not promote a product that is not currently available in their region.

With the customer portal providing print-quality images, the size of the website is extremely large. In order to reduce hosting costs, all of the image assets were moved to AWS where you are charged by usage, not by space requirement.


  • 29%Increase in website traffic in the first year.
  • 1Custom distributor area for accessing and downloading product & marketing images.
  • 7000+Product images managed & offloaded to AWS.

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